The two areas of focus are Academic Enhancement and Personal Development of the residents.

In the area of academic enhancement all tuition is undertaken in-house for effective monitoring of the academic progress of children and for the prompt remedial action based on regular evaluation by the tutors.

We have both volunteer and paid tuition teachers who conduct in-house tuition for our residents from in Form 1 to Form 5 for three core subjects namely Bahasa Malaysia, Science and Mathematics. The primary school students were also tutored in-house English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics. This method has been proved very effective as can be seen by examination results.

In the area of Personal Development the emphasis is on building their self-esteem and to helping them realize their individual potentials. We introduced Play Therapy which is a non-directive form of counseling to help them come to terms with their emotional problems in their own way. This has helped a few of our residents to ‘unlock’ their past hurts which helped them move on in their life and has helped Housemothers to better cope with their emotional needs.

We are beginning to see an ‘awakening’ in the emotional and psychological development of the residents and they are beginning to recognize their potential and rights and vocalize their needs.